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Frequently Asked Questions

Can I bring my games from home?


You certainly can, and we highly recommend that you do! Especially new games that you want to share with others!! Make sure all games are labeled with your name and contact info. 


Can I bring in outside food?


No, however the hotel has an excellent restaurant and there are many restaurants available downtown.


Can I demo/playtest my game at the con?

We're working on this now, stay tuned!


Will there be vendors?

We're still working on this for 2023! Stay tuned!


What is your alcohol policy?


The hotel offers a fully stocked bar. No outside alcohol is allowed. What you do in your own hotel room is up to you. Please do NOT drink and drive.  The front desk will be happy to call you a taxi.


How is the con laid out?


We're glad you asked. The layout will be on the gaming page soon. 


Are children allowed at the con?


Yes, Rocket City Gamefest is fun for the whole family. Children under the age of 14 must be accompanied by a parent or guardian at all times. Not all games are suitable for young children so feel free to bring your own age appropriate games from home.


Will there be RPGs, Magic The Gathering or Warhammer at Gamefest?


We are currently working on the organized gameplay for 2023. Check back soon.

What can you tell me about con t-shirts?

Because we're running Rocket City Gamefest on short notice in 2023, we lack the time to get T-shirts ready. Check back in 2024!

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