Gaming and Panels



Early registration will open September 1st, 2021.

Due to space limitations and to make sure everyone has plenty of elbow room, we are once again limiting registration to 400 for 2022. Small Con, Big Library! It's what we're all about.




Are you a budding game designer or developer? Join us once again at Rocket City Gamefest for another Unpub Mini event, sponsored by our awesome friends Weird Giraffe Games. Our Unpub Mini event occupies a prime location in our open gaming hall, with lots of foot traffic. Register coming soon to guarantee your time slot(s).


Open Boardgaming


Open gaming will be available for each day of Rocket City Gamefest. No games? No problem! We have a nicely stocked library with games for you to check out and play. Got a game but need a teacher? Just place the "TEACHER NEEDED" flag on your table next to the game box and someone who knows how to play it will stop by for a quick lesson. Play with friends or place the "PLAYERS WANTED" flag on the table by your game and make new friends.


Open Gaming Hours

Friday 1:00 pm till Sunday 4:00 pm

Boardgame Tournaments TBD here's what we had last year



​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​PLAY TO WIN tournaments mean no experience is necessary. Someone will teach you how to play but feel free to get a head start if you wish. Everyone who plays will have a chance to win the game. You do not need to win to enter the drawing.  Everyone who plays the entire game will receive one drawing ticket.  If you play multiple times you will still receive just one ticket. One lucky player will win a free copy of the game! Check back closer to the con for info on the Play To Win tournaments we will offer in 2022.


​​​​​​​Organized Gaming Room Schedule



Organized D&D Schedule


Math Trade

Check back closer to the con for info on the math trade.