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Rocket City Gamefest
February 3-5, 2023
Embassy Suites
800 Monroe Street

Huntsville, AL 35801


No On-Site Badge Purchases Are Available

Open Boardgaming


Our open gaming room and very well stocked borrowing library never closes. Play with friends or use our Players Wanted signs to make some new ones.



2023 Rocket City Gamefest tournaments will be announced closer to the con. Thanks to our awesome game company sponsors we also host a number of Play To Win tournaments where you learn to play a game, play the complete game and are then entered into a raffle to win the game and take it home with you. You don't have to win the game, everyone who plays the full game gets a chance in the raffle.

Tabletop RPG Organized Play
Space will be provided for TTRPGs and there will be some organized play! More details coming soon!


Lots of games will be available to check out from the library! We also encourage you to bring any games you're interested in playing or sharing!



The hotel restaurant offers a variety of tasty, affordable options for each meal but there are also plenty of tasty choices nearby. Please note THE HOTEL DOES NOT ALLOW OUTSIDE FOOD AND DRINK.

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